anna wintour’s wild garden

Anna Wintour's Wild GardenA tour of Anna Wintour’s 40 acre garden at her Long Island home (term used loosely) was released this week by T Magazine. It is every bit as breathtaking as one might expect. Miranda Brooks, the designer, and has made this property, “the base, the backbone, of her American gardens.” Brooks’ first commission was for a rooftop garden in NYC for Wintour’s then husband. The famed landscape designers signature is on the edge of wild – almost haphazard – but this twenty year project has been lovingly tended and carefully considered.

Both Wintour and Brooks grew up in England and  love the open countryside. his sweeping garden features, Tuscany Superb roses, peonies, allium, baptisia, artemisia and Buxton’s Blue geranium, Pheasant’s Eye narcissus, and many more . The sheer amount of green space and the mounded boxwood that form walls are my favorite parts of the garden.Anna Wintour's Wild Garden
Anna Wintour's Wild Garden
Anna Wintour's Wild Garden
Anna Wintour's Wild GardenAnna Wintour's Wild Garden Anna Wintour's Wild Garden Anna Wintour's Wild GardenThink she would notice if I camped out on the grounds for the summer?


home envy: sonoma

This 2,000 square foot abode may be simple in shape, but does not read as boring. Clean lines and large windows frame dramatic views of the Sonoma valley below. The home, designed by Schwartz and Architecture, splits a simple box-like structure into two wings that connect by the entry courtyard and the living room. The result is an airy space where one can see views from almost any angle in the home.

Home Envy: SonomaHome Envy: SonomaHome Envy: Sonoma Home Envy: Sonoma Home Envy: Sonoma Home Envy: Sonomaxxxo

plain goods

Michael DePerno and partner Andrew Fry founded Plain Goods, focused on purity of design, understated textures, a natural palette and materials. After being told his design work (previously he was creative director of ABC Carpet and Home) needed a “pop of color” a time or two, DePerno continued to shrug off the suggestion. He instead remained unwaveringly devoted to the clean lines and subtle textures. Fry has brought fashion and beauty finds into the store to round out the inventory of home goods. The shop nestled in the hills of New Preston, Conn. is as pretty on the outside as the goods held inside.

Plain Goods

Plain Goods

Plain Goods

Plain GoodsHandstitched Espadrilles/Herbal Toner/Jars with Lids

Woven Grass Day Bag/Measuring Cups/Canvas Pouches


a simple guide: nutrition edition

a simple guide: nutrition editionMy cousin Kelda just graduated with a degree in dietetics (so proud!) and is a killer resource for all things food related. She has rounded up her best tips to share here with you all…

Top 5 Nutrition Tips from an #RD2be

  1. Eat more plants. You don’t need to give up your hamburgers, but adding a few more plant-based foods can go a long way. Plants (whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and lentils) are concentrated sources of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. The darker the color, the higher concentration of these powerful bioactive substances. Plants are also sources of fiber that helps slow down absorption of your food to balance blood sugar and keep you full longer.
  2. Fiber + Hydration + Exercise. This simple formula is the key to regular trips to the bathroom. Fiber is an un-digestible carbohydrate that acts as an escort to carry out all the waste in your GI tract that you don’t want to stay. Maintaining good hydration (drink enough water so your pee is very light yellow) keeps your bowels from getting too dry (and stuck). Exercise promotes good blood flow and keeps everything moving.
  3. Try fermented foods. Building a strong native community of friendly gut bacteria aids in healthy immunity and makes you feel better over all. Fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, pickles, kombucha, sauerkraut and kimchi introduce healthy bacteria to your intestine. I’d recommend foods over probiotic supplements—so you get your good bugs plus other nutrients like calcium or fiber.
  4. Snack smart. Snacks should contain a carb, protein and fat in order to give you a balanced energy boost that will curb hunger between meals. Foods that contain both fat and protein make ideal snacking options paired with a carb. Try peanut butter (fat & protein) on apple slices (carb), a handful of nuts (fat & protein) with a small orange (carb), a hard boiled egg (fat & protein) mashed on whole grain toast (carb)…you get the idea.
  5. Track your calories once a month. Do you really know how many calories you eat in a day? Believe me, they add up quickly if you’re not paying attention. I suggest using a calorie-tracking app to monitor your intake on a monthly basis. Your daily needs will depend on your gender, age and activity level. Most calorie tracking apps will ask you those questions to better estimate your needs. Find one that works for you. I like MyFitnessPal, the FitBit app’s tracker and Nutritionix Track.

Follow me on Twitter @keldareimers to ask your nutrition related questions.

TY Kelda for your tips :)


/Image via universo/

home envy: trancoso

This home is what vacation dreams are made of. Nestled in the tiny town of Trancoso, Brazil, Anderson Cooper has created an escape from his busy day to day in Manhattan. The 14-hour trek to this paradise seems well worth it. Cooper secured local designer Wilbert Das to create his vacation home. Das devised a compound of four pavilions on the border of the town square that back up to of course, a rain forest.

Home Envy: TrancosoHome Envy: TrancosoHome Envy: Trancoso Home Envy: Trancoso Home Envy: Trancoso Home Envy: Trancoso Home Envy: TrancosoHome Envy: Trancosoxxxo

frosé for your friday

Frosé, yes, you read that right, frozen rosé.  What could be better?! Currently all the rage and for good reason! While in DC last week my cousin taught me how to make this amazing concoction. Here is how to make frosé, told (of course) through a Snapchat story… This is the recipe we used!!

Frosé as told by SnapchatHappy weekending!


not your grandma’s wallpaper

I am late to the game on this one, or I suppose really late depending on how you look at it as wallpaper last had it’s heyday in the 1950’s… none the less I am currently pondering wallpapering one wall in my little abode. I figured I would share my current picks, taking any and all suggestions/opinions. I love them all.

Tourbillion via Farrow&Ball / Triple Gem via Cavern / Pointy via Make Light

My House via Jill Malek / Garden City via MissPrint / Slice Mist via Hygge & West



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