the lynhall

This June Minneapolis welcomed a new face onto the dining scene, The Lynhall. The Lyndale Street establishment pairs a tasteful interior with a coffee bar, lunch/dinner menu, and an actual bar come happy hour time. The space also features a private dining area that is available for rent, an outdoor patio, and an incubator kitchen. A fireplace in the private dining area sets the stage for a modern Scandinavian interior featuring blues, whites, unfinished wood, marble, and black accents. If you are in the Twin Cities go check it out (the pastries are delicious)!



home envy: lac-brome

The les Jumelles project in southern Quebec took an existing ancestral home and created a space fitting a large, modern family. The original house was created entirely of stone in the early 19th century. The extension was designed by Pierre Thibault and Julie PiloteThese as a twin of the original.

Not identical by any means but scale guided the project, as the wish was to leave the footprint and foundation of the stone home intact. Mirroring the shape and size of the stone structure the project is clad in white cedar shingles. The bridge between the two structures creates a natural corridor and entryway into the home.

Les JumellesLes JumellesLes Jumelles Les Jumelles

mara hoffman: ready to wear

Mara Hoffman’s new Ready to Wear line has me drooling over my computer screen and wanting every single piece (her name also helps). The color palette, light weight materials, and shapes are my summer wardrobe dream. The combo of neutrals and bright shades is perfect for the warmer weather that is fingers crossed headed our way.

One more PSA: the swimwear is not to be overlooked!

de beauvior house

The De Beauvoir House is a marvel. A timber and glass addition created by Cousins & Cousins Architects serves a semi-detached structure for a growing family. The geometric structure is does not attempt to match home and instead aims to contrast. The staircase bridges the original structure to the new via the living area on the garden level, the main entrance, and the master bedroom suite above. The combination of the new and old is nothing short of amazing.

De Beauvoir HouseDe Beauvoir HouseDe Beauvoir House

book list no. 15


The Last Days of Café Leila // Noor and her daughter Lily move from San Francisco to Iran. Noor grew up in Iran and they move back to take over the restaurant her family has run for three generations. Food and family, this book is on the top of my to read list.

The Thousandth Floor // Set in 22nd century Manhattan this teen read is a page turner I could not put down. The book is the first in a series (thank goodness) and focuses on five teens and their lives in “The Tower”.

The Circle // Mae Holland is hired to work at the world’s foremost internet company (picture something like Facebook combined with Google) and it seems like a dream come true. The movie comes out this week and looks SO good.


Spring is making it’s much-anticipated arrival in the Tundra and Bembien has the perfect warm weather accessory! Lucy Laucht (if you don’t follow her on Instagram get on it) was sporting one of these bags and the texture and shapes are amazing. The small collection of woven bags are made around the world and support local artisans.  I’ll take one of each please, my personal favorite is the Rose Bag.

Two Toned Belly BagHarper Bag


palm springs mirage

Doug Aitken "Mirage" Mirages in the desert are not a new concept, but Doug Aitken’s project takes the idea to a whole different level. The project aptly titled “Mirage” is located in Palm Springs and the entire structure is wrapped in mirrors. The cabin is modeled on a typical ranch style home and it’s mirrored finish reflects the great desert expanse that surrounds it. This video shows the project as it transforms throughout the day. Aitken created the project as a part of Desert X festival in the Coachella Valley. The exhibit opened last month and will remain until October 21, 2017.  Doug Aitken "Mirage" Doug Aitken "Mirage" Doug Aitken "Mirage" Doug Aitken "Mirage"