book worms unite

I am always on the lookout for a new book recommendation. A fellow book lover (thank the lord for book clubs) introduced me to Lit Hub a few weeks ago. The site features all things book related but my favorite feature is the Book Marks section. The site aggregates reviews from reputable sources all over the web and then gives each book a grade letter review. You can peruse through the reviews and see what the word is on anything you are interested in reading. It’s awesome. Go find yourself something new to read!

Book Marks Book MarksBook Marksxxxo

block shop textiles pt. 2

Back in 2013 I discovered Block Shop Textiles and thus began my unhealthy obsession with all things created by Lily and Hopie Stockman. The two sisters run their company out of LA with bi-annual visits to Rajasthan where they manage their weaving collective. Working with the community, Block Shop invests 5% of profits to build and implement community healthcare programs. Their first program provided primary care, eye care and cataract surgeries through a mobile clinic. In our second year, we installed water filters and tanks in the homes of our co-op members to help eliminate waterborne illness. Our next initiative will focus on women’s health.

The duo (who were also featured in the T Magazine this week) expanded their textile line this week as they launched a rug collection. Their scarves and pillows are beautiful and one would expect no less from their newest venture. The first run of rugs is featured below. How pretty would a 2×3 of any of these be as a wall hanging #brainstorming…

Block Shop TextilesBlock Shop TextilesBlock Shop Textiles Block Shop TextilesBlock Shop TextilesBlock Shop Textilesxxxo

11 howard

Nestled in a city famous for hospitality, 11 Howard brings a to New York right in downtown SOHO. The hotel’s self deemed guiding principle is “conscious hospitality.” The term encompasses the hotel from design to location, everything is done with an awareness, purpose and thoughtful consideration. The surrounding community is impacted by the principle with the hotel donating a portion of each directly booked room to local charitable organizations. The design from the rooms to the on-site restaurant and bar (Le Coucou and the blond) makes the space feel more like a very well dressed home than a hotel.11 Howard 11 Howard11 Howard 11 Howard11 Howard 11 Howard 11 Howard xxxo

book list no. 12

The Hopefuls  Before We Met  The Underground Railroad

The Hopefuls/ Just finished this, a laugh out loud read (embarrassing but true)…New Yorkers’ Beth and Matt move to DC. This new world centered on political acronyms is daunting for (non politico) Beth as Matt immediately finds his groove. Watch the couple learn, fail and live to try again navigating the nations capital.

Before We Met/ Touted as the next Gone Girl… Hannah thought she knew her new husband, but shocker, bank statements and a pile of lies suggest otherwise. Now she must decide whether the secrets he has been keeping are designed to protect him or protect her.

The Underground Railroad/ A little dose of historical fiction is always needed. The story is that of Cora, a cotton plantation slave, who hears of the underground railroad, plots her escape and flees a pre-Civil War south.

Happy reading!

sea inspired pantone

Into an internet scene chalk full pantone posts comes Teresa Freitas, a Lisbon based artist, with (thankfully) a fresh take. Freitas has created a series of moving pantone gifs. “This project takes a fun approach to the pantone world and reflects on the colors and states of water, specifically the sea, as it contains so many,” Freitas said (via Design Boom). Perfect images to round out a great summer.Teresa Freitas PantoneTeresa Freitas Pantone Teresa Freitas Pantone Teresa Freitas Pantone

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anna wintour’s wild garden

Anna Wintour's Wild GardenA tour of Anna Wintour’s 40 acre garden at her Long Island home (term used loosely) was released this week by T Magazine. It is every bit as breathtaking as one might expect. Miranda Brooks, the designer, and has made this property, “the base, the backbone, of her American gardens.” Brooks’ first commission was for a rooftop garden in NYC for Wintour’s then husband. The famed landscape designers signature is on the edge of wild – almost haphazard – but this twenty year project has been lovingly tended and carefully considered.

Both Wintour and Brooks grew up in England and  love the open countryside. his sweeping garden features, Tuscany Superb roses, peonies, allium, baptisia, artemisia and Buxton’s Blue geranium, Pheasant’s Eye narcissus, and many more . The sheer amount of green space and the mounded boxwood that form walls are my favorite parts of the garden.Anna Wintour's Wild Garden
Anna Wintour's Wild Garden
Anna Wintour's Wild Garden
Anna Wintour's Wild GardenAnna Wintour's Wild Garden Anna Wintour's Wild Garden Anna Wintour's Wild GardenThink she would notice if I camped out on the grounds for the summer?