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henrietta hotel

The Henrietta Hotel opened this summer in London, and with it’s opening, a new French edge to Covent Garden. The London neighborhood welcomes the first boutique hotel by Paris based Experimental Group. The 18 room locale designed by Dorothée Meilichozon (founder of Chzon design firm) also features a new restaurant led by Michelin starred chef Ollie Dabbous.

Each hotel room is unique with varying fabrics, color palettes, and hand built headboards. The lighting is the highlight of this project in my eyes. The unique forms, attention to detail, and variation in fixtures is impressive. at Meilichozon’s Instagram for more inspiration!

podcast party

When meeting new people, the safest and favorite topic of mine to explore is books (you can tell just about all you need to know by what someone reads, and also make an instant friend because books= bonding). Recently though, podcasts have become a new favorite point of conversation. A lesser commitment than a 400 page work of historical fiction, everyone seems to have suggestions and favorites! A perfect way to pass a commute or plane trip, here are a few of my current subscriptions…

99% Invisible// Roman Mars is well into the 200th episode of this podcast, so I am clearly late to the party, but better late than never. Each episode delves into the power of design and architecture with a lense of how if effects our daily existence. Mars seeks to point out the daily design that we miss and brings a new appreciation while weaving in historical background. (Airs Weekly)

Up First// Hosted by NPR this 12 minute news reel is how I start my drive in to work every day. With access to all of NPR’s international correspondents, this world news program fills you in on what you missed overnight. A great synopsis when you are on the go. (Airs Daily)

Revisionist History// Malcolm Gladwell dives into issues, people, places, and events that have been overlooked or misunderstood. The second season concluded this past week and I can honestly say I have never skipped an episode, each one is completely different and eye opening. (Airs weekly)

Young House Love Has A Podcast// Sherri and John Petersik host this entertaining half hour program regarding all things home and family related. They are currently in the midst of building a beach house and share the wins and losses with good humor. *The home improvement/ design tips are a simply a bonus. (Airs weekly)

Design Matters// Hosted by Debbie Millman, this podcast is for the free spirits out there. Interviewing industry leaders throughout the graphic design, change makers, artists, educators, and writers, this is always an eye opening 30 minutes for me. (Airs weekly)

How I Built This// Another NPR winner targeted at the curious among us. The podcast explores innovators, entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. (Airs weekly)

yield design

Based in St. Augustine, FL, Rachel Grant and Andrew Deming created Yield, a modern product line that ranges from backpacks to coffee tables. The two designers have varying backgrounds, Grant studied architecture and Deming graphic design, making the two a formidable pair when it came to product design. Clean, precise lines and form with function seem to guide the product line at Yield. Simple everyday items, a french press, a drinking glass, to more permanent furniture pieces create the brand. The website may put a dent in your pocket once you see the beautiful products available… consider yourself warned.



ben youseff madrasa

High above the entry door an inscription reads, “You who enter my door, may your highest hopes be exceeded”.  The Ben Youseff madrasa in Marrakech, Morocco is a visual masterpiece. Built in the 1560’s, the structure was once the largest Islamic school in Africa housing over 900 students. Carved cedar, marble, and intricate mosaics cover the interior courtyard creating an escape from the busy city outside. The cool faded color palette and geometric detailing traditional in Islamic patterns is breathtaking. The school shut its doors for good in the 1960’s and the building is now open to tourists. Anyone in for a field trip to Morocco?

the lynhall

This June Minneapolis welcomed a new face onto the dining scene, The Lynhall. The Lyndale Street establishment pairs a tasteful interior with a coffee bar, lunch/dinner menu, and an actual bar come happy hour time. The space also features a private dining area that is available for rent, an outdoor patio, and an incubator kitchen. A fireplace in the private dining area sets the stage for a modern Scandinavian interior featuring blues, whites, unfinished wood, marble, and black accents. If you are in the Twin Cities go check it out (the pastries are delicious)!



home envy: lac-brome

The les Jumelles project in southern Quebec took an existing ancestral home and created a space fitting a large, modern family. The original house was created entirely of stone in the early 19th century. The extension was designed by Pierre Thibault and Julie PiloteThese as a twin of the original.

Not identical by any means but scale guided the project, as the wish was to leave the footprint and foundation of the stone home intact. Mirroring the shape and size of the stone structure the project is clad in white cedar shingles. The bridge between the two structures creates a natural corridor and entryway into the home.

Les JumellesLes JumellesLes Jumelles Les Jumelles