angel island adventures

by boatThis weekend we hopped on the ferry to Angel Island for a day trip! The hiking trails, history and sweeping views of San Francisco did not disappoint!

The island has worn many hats, serving as everything from an immigration station in 1905 to a missile launch site during the cold war (as a history nerd I babbled about this information as we hiked). It was awesome to be able see some little known sites alongside killer views with a good workout included!

Angel Island is definitely worth the trip. (Note to self: next time pack snacks and more layers as waiting for the ferry home in the cold was not our finest hour!)

angel island views

old military scene


clowning around on angel island

happy hikers(Dark photo but very happy hikers!)

a good backdrop for a day hike


2 thoughts on “angel island adventures

  1. Wow views!!!! If I didn’t know it was SF bay I never would have guessed (except the one with GG bridge). So cool that the island has been left undeveloped :-))))))

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