hut, hut, hike

It is playoff season and this girl loves to jump on the football bandwagon.

My families team is the Denver Broncos and they are die-hard mile high fans. Over the years I have been programmed and will admit that I now love those Broncos (almost as much as my brother who at 23 still may or may not shed a tear over a loss). This weekend we are celebrating the baptism of my cousins sweet baby and a large Denver contingent will be in SF. Here’s to watching the game and cheering on Peyton at the bar in our Sunday Baptism finery!

If you are not on the Broncos Bandwagon yet… Minnesota’s own Eric Decker is about all the motivation you need to tune in. I mean honestly, what’s not to love.

bronco nation

(Some cheering hooligans.)


P.S. Niner Nation has taken over San Francisco, hide or join it. It’s terrifying. Good Luck!


One thought on “hut, hut, hike

  1. Ah hmmmmmm, apparently your father has now been jettisoned from the family!?!?! Or maybe just overlooked in the heat of the moment???
    Remember variety is the spice of life :-)))))))

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