travel bug


January is a rough month, with short days and colder than normal temperatures. I also find that it is when my wanderlust is at its peak. Luckily we been spoiled with some beautiful days in the Bay Area, but it is not curbing my travel itch. I have a list of places on the web I flee to when all I want to do is board the next plane.

I religiously read The New York Times 36 hours column. Then one by one I add the destinations my hit list. (And NYT just released their 52 places to go in 2014.)

She originally moved to Paris from Stockholm for four months, but then she never went back. Carin’s blog will give you life envy.

National Geographic’s list of  Best Trips 2014. Drool.

All travel subjects, big or small, are covered on The Perrin Post. She is spot on. And basically has my dream job. My favorite recent post.

Hotels worth more than a daydream of… (I could spend hours here, thank you Fodor’s!)

25 beaches I would love to be stranded on.

Happy daydreaming…



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