bangkok, thailand

4 girls, 7 flights, 14 days!

We began with a 15 hour flight from San Francisco to Taiwan, followed by a much shorter 4 hour flight to our first destination: Bangkok. With protests all over the news and travel warnings galore, we were a bit wary of this giant city. But we were pleasantly surprised! Our first two days were spent visiting wats (temples),  riding in tuk tuks, and wandering through markets snacking on street food.  The extreme lack of English combined with our non-existent Thai made for some pretty memorable first moments in Asia. Thank god a thumbs-up is universal!

Please excuse the photo overload!

Airport ready girls!

Oh heeeey Bangkok, we have arrived.

Time for lunch Thai style, in the middle of the sidewalk, with 90 degree sweltering heat.

Wat Arun, The Temple of the Dawn, was our first dose of history. It was spectacular.

The detail. The color. Fun fact: All parts of Buddhist temples are donated by community members to earn good karma.

Pomegranate break. So necessary.

Wat Pho, The Reclining Buddha. True life he is over 150 feet long.

Goons helping stand guard at the Grand Palace. I was a little too close to that gun and bayonet for my own comfort…

royal palace

The Grand Palace, home to the King and Queen. I think I could make this work.

Little cutie frying up something tasty.

Fitting right in with photo shoots and jumping pics.

Our second afternoon was spent avoiding the heat in these swans. Paddling around, avoiding giant lizards is a cultural experience in itself.

Our classy whip for our stay in Bangkok.

first lunchDiving right in with more street food. The only way to order is to point, so you had better know what you are pointing at.

bye bangkok

Bangkok you were GRAND. Next up we head north to Chiang Mai. Another post to come soon.



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