longer days and more sunshine en route


An unbeatable warm and sunny weekend was just celebrated in San Francisco (enough sunshine to even justify purchasing new shorts)! But for those in the tundra, like my family in Minnesota, the current weather forcast of snow, slush, and cold days make spring seem like a distant fantasy.

So in the spirit of spreading spring-like sentiment around…

Dive right into with this perfectly printed dress. (I am currently creating a list of reasons why this MUST be a justifiable addition to my closet.)

Spring means loads of fresh fruit, which kicks-off pie season! I cannot wait to try out this recipe!

Goodbye to winter red, navy, gray, and hello to beautiful spring nail colors! I am loving Blue Orchid.

Nerdy, I know, but I LOVE spring cleaning (and this room by room list might have just upped my game). Purging, sorting, sweeping, sign this girl up.

A cheerful pop of yellow  that is oh so needed for your handbag collection.

 And lastly these will be sure to put a little spring in your step.

Happy first day of spring! Bring on the sunshine.



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