los angeles, ca

I just returned from a long weekend in LA visiting my friend Jen. We had the best time eating, exploring, and talking each others ears off ! Escaping the rain in SF was an added bonus.

Here are a few photos…

griffith hikers

Griffith Observatory hikers. So happy to be reunited!


top of LA

On top of LA. Oh hey Hollywood.

hiking views

Fresh air above the smog.

trails cafe

Time for snacks.
bun twins

Bun twins, because we used to rock this look in 6th grade. And on Friday night we went and saw the Veronica Mars movie #nerds #rage.


Our morning snacking and caffeinating at Intelligentsia.

abbot kinney

We  then spent Sunday exploring Abbot Kinney. I could spend hours in Bountiful. Thank god I don’t live close by or I could develop a hoarding habit.


Quick photo shoot pre-dinner. Because that is out MO.

church & state

 Church & State, where we hobnobbed with a few B-list celebs over delicious food.


Until next time, LA you are grand.



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