celebrating mamas

 Now most mom’s will tell you all they need is a little special attention on Mother’s Day, so cue up the breakfast in bed and some cute cards. But moms are the BEST, so why not spoil them on their special day. Also if you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it, it’s worth every minute! My mom will be in town next week (perhaps intentionally?) so we can celebrate her fabulous-ness in person!

But if you are not nearby to celebrate, here are a few ideas that will surely bring a smile to her face no matter how far away you are.

Gifts for mama's

Personalize this bracelet with your home coordinates or a great trip you took together!

Striped terracotta pots for the garden loving mom. Also send some fresh blooms along for extra points!

For the mom that loves the kitchen, these sweet spoons are a perfect addition!

Shiny gold sandals go to the style maven mom.

Photos, photos, photos. What mom doesn’t want more? This book and these prints are no-brainer!

And of course pick up that phone and call her!



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