packing for picnic season

the perfect picnic
How to pack the perfect punch (kidding, I mean picnic)…

Begin with sustenance. How delicious does this turkey, avocado, & goat cheese sando look?! More ideas for delicious lunch-ing.

Bring the tunes! Cue up the darling Sunny Life Beach Radio.

A good throw to avoid grass stains and creatures from disturbing your meal.

 Cute napkins, because yes we may be dining outdoors, but no one needs to wipe their hands on their jeans!

Your favorite hat (no worries about wrinkles here), a deck of cards, and lawn bowling to keep you occupied for the afternoon.

Pack up that cute tote or picnic basket (this one has all your utensils included). Make sure to throw in a few chilled bottles of vino! No one likes to be thirsty!

Now get outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather!



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