a simple guide: gallery walls

Gallery walls are all the rage right now in decorating, however the task of getting started with a big, blank wall can be a bit intimidating. To ease the process I have compiled my go-to’s for art, framing, and hanging guides.

Here are a few general Do’s and Don’ts of creating a gallery wall and below are a few prints I am eyeing as additions to my own gallery wall.

Gallery Wall Art

Topographic USA Wall Map // Three at Ocean’s Edge // Matisse 1930 // Homestead // San Pedro // Street Walker

Step 1- Choosing your art (a few of my favorite places to troll for prints)

Society 6

Little Paper Planes



Step 2- Framing

Ikea frames are easy on the eyes and your wallet. I have multiples of this frame at home.

West Elm has a great variety of frames with differing mat options that are all under $100.00.

For custom frames I use framed & matted, an easy one stop shop. Choose your mat size and color, frame material, and even upload your image to see what the finished product will look like!

Step 3 – Hanging your gallery wall

Trace and cut out templates of your frames from paper (any kind of paper will do, you are just doing this to create a template on the wall)

Tape paper copies to the wall and arrange a to scale version of your art wall. There are about 1 million guides to hanging a gallery wall on Pinterest. This is a good general layout.

Finally once you are happy with your paper templates, go grab your hammer and get started hanging!


Happy framing!



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