a simple guide: sheet masks

After reading about sheet masks, I was intrigued to say the least. Dry winter skin is at its peak this time of year, and with one friend threatening to begin preventative botox, I figured that it was time to try something (preferably that didn’t involve needles). I promptly ordered a few of the Bling Bling Hydro Gel Masks in Energizing Rose from SokoGlam. My fellow guinea pigs  and I donned the semi-terrifying gel masks this weekend.

Now be aware these masks do not dissolve fine lines or leave you with micro sized pores. But they will leave your dull, winter skin plump and super hydrated. The soothing rose extracts give off a faint spa like scent as the cooling gel sinks into your skin. We did look like aliens and it was a pretty entertaining half hour of scaring people via snapchat. All three however are converts, I ordered more masks this morning.

Sheet MasksSo what do you think? Would you endure 30 minutes of looking like a robot/alien for hydrated skin?



3 thoughts on “a simple guide: sheet masks

  1. Seems like there should be some other benefit if you have to wear it for 30 min?
    How many days did you notice a benefit?
    Did it fit everyone’s nares?

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