it’s oscar friday

1953 Academy Awards, Sandra White

We have our great Meri in SF for the weekend after being away in Boston for far too long. And with this winter’s snowmageddon on the East Coast, I have my fingers crossed she just skips out on her plane ride home and stays forever! A weekend of catching up, wine tasting and of course eating (here and here!!!) is on tap, rounded off with the Academy Awards Sunday night. What could be better?

Links to get you through Friday

A little vintage Oscar inspiration, Meryl Streep circa 1980, oh my fabulous!

Ellen KILLED it with the 50 Shades of Disney mashup

If “Friends” had been set in 2015

Join me in drooling over Ben & Jerry’s newest creation… Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Dough

If this rumor is true, OH sh*t #HermioneAsARoyal

Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bill Murray, and John Krasinski are co starring in this movie!!!

It’s time to print out your Oscar ballots, prep that champagne and let the red carpet begin


PS a drinking game to keep you awake during the visual effects and sound mixing categories…


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