the hotel covell

LA restaurateur Dustin Lancaster’s latest venture Hotel Covell opened this February in Los Feliz. The 5 room venture designed by Sally Breer mixes pattern, color, and texture in all the best ways. The decor was inspired by the life story Lancaster and Breer created for the fictional character of George Covell, a bon vivant writer whose imagined biography is the basis of the decorating schemes in each room.

Each hotel room is a “Chapter” and tells a story from a different snippet of Covell’s life. One room is a nod to a bachelor life in NYC, another based on travels through Covell’s fictional travels to Monaco and India. Kitchenettes and  living rooms featuring velvet couches give guests the feel of the most fabulously dressed Airbnb, plus hotel amenities.

Take a peek…

Hotel Covell


Hotel Covell

Hotel Covell

Hotel Covell

Hotel Covell

Hotel Covell

Hotel CovellRoad trip to LA? Who is in?



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