yosemite, ca

I spent last weekend adventuring in Yosemite with my best friends from high school. Our reunions are always eventful and this trip was one for the books. Taking of early Friday morning we road tripped from San Francisco 4 hours to Yosemite, blasting 90’s tunes and catching up. We arrived and checked into our tent cabin in Curry Village, let’s focus on the fact that this was a canvas tent with a small heater (this will be an important detail later on).

Fab Four

Yosemite Glory

Mirror Lake HikersWe jumped right into exploring and hiked the Mirror Lake Trail. The lake itself was less than impressive (#CAdrought) but the mountains and blooming trees were pretty amazing.

Happy Hikers at Mirror Lake

Bear SightingAbout halfway through our hike we were talking about bears and what we would do if we saw one… So naturally we did a practice “bear drill”, all shouting and “getting big”. No more than 5 minutes after we had finished heckling over our own antics Emily stopped dead in her tracks and quietly just said “bear, there’s a bear.” Looking to our right we saw the giant brown shape peaking out behind the brush (can you see him above?). Did we activate what we had just practiced in our “drill”? Oh no, of course not. We were silent, the most silent I have ever heard the four of us. Creeping slowly away, never taking our eyes off of our large friend. He was harmless from a distance but we didn’t take any chances.

Needless to say the pace of our hike increased post bear run-in and we headed back to camp for dinner. Pizza, cards and lots of wine helped us wind down and settle in for the night. Of course before going to sleep we were reprimanded at 10:02 pm for breaking quiet hours that began at 10:00 pm…

Waking up to SNOW!We woke up Saturday morning to SNOW! Shocked and frozen in our tent it was just hilarious to peek out and see what had been green the day before covered in a few inches of snow. Good thing our Minnesota roots kicked in and we still had the need to explore this beautiful place. Because we are not mountaineers and therefore didn’t pack for the elements, we were unable to hike the icy trails and instead opted to walk the flatter Valley Loop Trail. Cold, rain soaked and tired we cheered ourselves up with cards and wine, hunkering down by the heater in our canvas tent for the night.

Fog Covered Valley

Cold HikersWe woke up early Sunday morning to sunshine! It was glorious and the previous day’s weather made us appreciate it all the more. We up and kicking at 7:00 am and we hiked the Vernal Fall and Nevada Fall Trails. The waterfalls are well worth the steep slippery climb! We found that the trails are less crowded the earlier you are up and by the time we made our way back down the trail the crowds were out in full force (not worth it unless you enjoy waiting in lines as you hike). Post hike we packed up and made the drive back to San Francisco tired, full of stories and a little bit tougher!

Vernal Falls

Vernal Falls GloryMissing my cool cats already. Time to start planning our next adventure…



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