a simple guide: summer movies

the drive in

Bring on the trailers…

Aloha / May 29

Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper, John Krasinski, Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin. This one is written by Cameron Crowe and set in Hawaii, #phsyched.

Magic Mike XXL / July 1

This little film will surely not be winning any Oscars, but Channing Tatum speaks from experience, so that makes it kind of a like a documentary?

Trainwreck / July 17

For magazine writer Amy (Amy Schumer) monogamy is not realistic, but when on a project interviewing doctor Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), she finds herself actually falling in love for the first time. This looks GREAT, bringing back the RomCom with vengeance.

Paper Towns / July 24

Following a surprise late-night revenge spree with his longtime crush (Cara Delevingne), Q (Nat Wolff) embarks on a cross-country search after she disappears.

Irrational Man /  July 24

Emma Stone & Joaquin Phoenix star in Woody Allen’s latest. This one premiered at Cannes last week and is being buzzed about.

Ricky And The Flash /  August 7

Meryl Streep plays a rocker who returns home to her family after years on tour. Will be a winner because Meryl can do NO wrong.



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