First off, good luck getting this song out of your head.

Now for a little life update… This past weekend I moved from San Francisco to Minneapolis. Talk about a BIG change. After 5 years in the most wonderful, friend filled, food-tastic city (can you tell I miss it already?), I moved home to the tundra to pursue a degree in interior architecture and design. I am excited to be back within spitting distance of family and friends whom I have been away from for so long and to be pursuing a passion that has long been on the back burner!

A few observations from my first day back… “Minnesota nice” exists and I need to get working on smiling and making eye contact (something San Franciscan’s avoid like the plague). Secondly I am back behind the wheel of a moving vehicle after riding the bus for almost a decade in SF. People of the Twin Cities consider this your warning, I promise I will work on my driving skills! Finally, after many years of temperate 60 degree days, I have minimal appropriate attire for the summer I have just jumped into. Stay tuned we will see if I actually melt away…

After almost 10 years on the West Coast coming back to the heartland is bound to be a bit of a culture shock. So bear with me as I navigate my old stomping grounds and prepare for some pretty great stories!

Here’s to new adventures!



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