cabo san lucas, mx

Here I am back on the radar after the best girls weekend to celebrate our girl Lauren getting married. We spent 4 days in scorching hot Mexico whooping it up. From a mariachi band (thank you Spencer, you are the BEST!), jungle booze cruise, a night at El Squid Roe, and an afternoon at the Mango Deck, a whole week of recovery was required.

A few pictures from the trip, of the over 1,000 in the photo stream from 16 girls, only a few have been deemed internet appropriate. Because you know what they say… “what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo”.

Cabo, MXCelebrating our Lauren! Side note: this is before we all jumped in the water, unlimited booze and ocean swimming are never a good combination. Cabo, MXOur surprise serenade via the mariachi band.
Cabo, MXOh yes, we had a selfie stick. It was brilliant. Cabo, MXThe best dinner at Los Tres Gallos
Cabo, MX

Cabo, MX

Cabo, MXVery happy humans.Cabo, MXCheer’s to our girl! Can’t wait until October 3rd!



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