a young man’s follies

Omar Majid "A Young Man's Follies."

The life of Omar Majid fell into Sarah Di Domenico’s lap. She opened a tin trunk marked O. Majid she had purchased at an antique store in Toronto (said to be from an estate sale) and came face to face with a man frozen in time. Shout-out to my girl Jen for sharing this gem with me!

The site, A Young Man’s Follie’s, follows her discovery of Omar life from the 1940’s-1959. Photographs, negatives, and hand written letters, as well as trinkets he had saved are pieced together to tell the Omar’s story. The letters are unreal, as one can assume the women who wrote them. It is a real life time capsule, and such an interesting look at the time period.
In Di Domenico’s words…

Being a time-travelling-transcriber teaches you a few things:

1. Time really hasn’t changed how we communicate when we love. Less emojis, similar waiting games, equal insecurities, and lots of x’s and o’s.

2. Slowness of letter writing forces you to consider words more intimately. To be especially intentional and purposeful and realize the power of each adjective, comma and sign off.

3. Letter writing requires your whole hands. You touch paper, grip a pen or pencil, fold the paper, lick an envelope, place the stamp, drop it in the mailbox and have some knowledge of the invisible hands your letter will pass through, via the post office worker and post carrier, until it lands in the palms of the one you love. It is a special, human magic that fingertips to keyboard can’t ever replicate.

Love Letters

A Young Man's Follies

Hotel de la Paix

A Young Man's Follies

How to Handle a Problem

A Young Man's Follies

A Young Man's Follies

All images via A Young Man’s Follies.




One thought on “a young man’s follies

  1. Whar a wonderful story to happen across on Christmas Eve in Australia. What an amazing find in the old shop. Yes. I agree totally about the act of writing, editing, posting and then waiting. Nothing like today’s instant tech messages. Good luck.

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