all the thanksgiving foods

All the Thanksgiving foods

The week of turkey, cranberries, stuffing, and pie is upon us. Praise be! Tables full to the brim, family, friends, neighbors all will gather to share in many’s opinion, the best meal of the year. We have about 1,001 traditional Thanksgiving recipes, but newcomers pop up every year that are worth considering putting on the table. Now if someone at your table is a traditional menu stickler these may not fly, but they are drool-worthy none the less…

Sautéed Brussels Sprouts and Apple With Prosciutto

Stuffin’ Muffins (the stuffing in the turkey is still a must)

Curried Carrot and Apple Soup

Caramelized Turnips With Cloves, Cumin, and Anise

Cranberry Curd Tart (added bonus it’s gluten free)

Chefs, start your engines.


p.s a little guide on how to properly pregame Thanksgiving


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