routine addition

Sundays are meant to be slow days, especially in the tundra. Lots of coffee, breakfast, and couch time all are requirements for wintery mornings. The “Sunday Routine” column is a staple on these lazy mornings. Featuring weekend routines of prominent New Yorkers, the column is an interesting glimpse into all types of lives. A few of my favorites are below…

How Hope Boykin, Alvin Ailey Dancer, Spends Her SundaysSunday Routine: Hope Boykin

How Tim Gunn of ‘Project Runway’, Spends His SundaysSunday Routine: Tim Gunn

How Aldo Sohm, Sommelier, Spends His SundaysSunday Routine

How Ali Wentworth, Comedian and Author, Spends Her SundaysSunday Routine: Ali Wentworth How Al Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts, Spend Their SundaysSunday Routine: Al Roker



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