block shop textiles pt. 2

Back in 2013 I first encountered Block Shop Textiles and thus began my unhealthy obsession with all things created by Lily and Hopie Stockman. The two sisters run their company out of LA with bi-annual visits to Rajasthan where they manage their weaving collective. Working with the community, Block Shop invests 5% of profits to build and implement community healthcare programs. Their first program provided primary care, eye care and cataract surgeries through a mobile clinic. In our second year, we installed water filters and tanks in the homes of our co-op members to help eliminate waterborne illness. Our next initiative will focus on women’s health.

The duo (who were also featured in the T Magazine this week) expanded their textile line this week as they launched a rug collection. Their scarves and pillows are beautiful and one would expect no less from their newest venture. The first run of rugs is featured below. How pretty would a 2×3 of any of these be as a wall hanging #brainstorming…

Block Shop TextilesBlock Shop TextilesBlock Shop Textiles Block Shop TextilesBlock Shop TextilesBlock Shop Textilesxxxo


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