camille walala

Artist Camille Walala is known for her signature graphic and tribal style, which can be seen across London. This fall as a part of the London Design Festival Walala was committed to create a pedestrian crossing in south London. The results are amazing, a completely new take on the everyday experience of crossing the road. This […]

sea inspired pantone

Into an internet scene chalk full pantone posts comes Teresa Freitas, a Lisbon based artist, with (thankfully) a fresh take. Freitas has created a series of moving pantone gifs. “This project takes a fun approach to the pantone world and reflects on the colors and states of water, specifically the sea, as it contains so many,” Freitas said (via Design Boom). […]

152 elizabeth street

Tadao Ando, the world renowned Japanese architect, is bringing green space to NYC one project at a time. The 152 Elizabeth Street residence located in Nolita, includes a monumental green wall. The luxury seven story, seven residence project is covered with a living green wall measuring 55 feet by 99 feet. The landscape design evolves organically […]

javier de riba

Simply titled “floor tiles in abandoned spaces,” Javier de Riba has created some of the coolest painted patterns in the most unlikely locations. The Barcelona based artist is part of the Reskate Arts & Crafts Collective, who develop graphics and communication projects with a focus on sustainability and humane treatment. Using paint and geometric tile-like patterns […]