giving thanks

This time of year is my favorite. Friends and family gather together, food is abundant, and of course in the tundra, snow is encroaching into our lives. This year in particular it feels very necessary to take the time and dwell (even if only a day) on all we are grateful for. So hug a loved one, […]

deck the halls

Tips for upping your Christmas cheer: The prettiest fresh wreaths in the land. Deck the halls and hang those lights up right. A killer holiday tablescape in 10 steps. Festive pillows, one plaid and one fun! How to make the house smell like Christmas. Felt garland to dress your tree. And finally blast this playlist on […]

home for the holidays

Easing back into the week over here. Anyone else feel like this break was the LONGEST ever? Such a treat! Here is a peek through the last two weeks spent in the tundra. We spent a week in Colorado with family which consisted of all things Christmasy; cinnamon roll eating, games (#SettlersofCatan obsessed), and a […]

merry merry

 Hope your week is filled with family, friends, food, and good cheer! My brother and I have already begun the annual argument over which Christmas movie to watch (this is my favorite and this is his).  Then it’s on to readying cookies, milk, and a note for Santa, because traditions die hard in our family. Have the happiest of holidays! […]

happy thanksgiving

Cheers to full tables and full tummies. So much to be thankful for this year! A few fun Thanksgiving tidbits… Did you know Americans consume 46 million turkeys every Thanksgiving? A few more facts about Tom! Taylor Swift will be crashing your Thanksgiving plans this year… A little guide to modern holiday etiquette. While feasting […]