yield design

Based in St. Augustine, FL, Rachel Grant and Andrew Deming created Yield, a modern product line that ranges from backpacks to coffee tables. The two designers have varying backgrounds, Grant studied architecture and Deming graphic design, making the two a formidable pair when it came to product design. Clean, precise lines and form with function seem […]

block shop textiles pt. 2

Back in 2013 I first encountered Block Shop Textiles and thus began my unhealthy obsession with all things created by Lily and Hopie Stockman. The two sisters run their company out of LA with bi-annual visits to Rajasthan where they manage their weaving collective. Working with the community, Block Shop invests 5% of profits to build and […]

anna wintour’s wild garden

A tour of Anna Wintour’s 40 acre garden at her Long Island home (term used loosely) was released this week by T Magazine. It is every bit as breathtaking as one might expect. Miranda Brooks, the designer, and has made this property, “the base, the backbone, of her American gardens.” Brooks’ first commission was for a […]

plain goods

Michael DePerno and partner Andrew Fry founded Plain Goods, focused on purity of design, understated textures, a natural palette and materials. After being told his design work (previously he was creative director of ABC Carpet and Home) needed a “pop of color” a time or two, DePerno continued to shrug off the suggestion. He instead remained unwaveringly devoted to the clean lines […]

not your grandma’s wallpaper

I am late to the game on this one, or I suppose really late depending on how you look at it as wallpaper last had it’s heyday in the 1950’s… none the less I am currently pondering wallpapering one wall in my little abode. I figured I would share my current picks, taking any and all suggestions/opinions. I […]