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Quick plug for my current favorite tv show, Victoria. Have you watched it? If not, hop to it! Season one premiered on PBS January 15th and the finale is this upcoming Sunday. The story of young Queen Victoria is played out with great drama, in palaces, and features spectacular wardrobes, what’s not to love. The show was first released last fall in England to rave reviews and just began filming season two (thank goodness).

Episodes are available online at PBS.

what’s for lunch?

LunchingMy cousin Kelda is a dietitian and basically a guru for all things food related (find out more about how awesome she is here). After I begged her for help she compiled a few suggestions for healthy lunching, my lunches as of late have been beyond boring…

Lunch should be a priority in your day; a time to fuel your body and mind to tackle the rest of your to-do list.  Is your lunch game on point? Packing a lunch at home will often be healthier that buying lunch on the go – and it will always be more cost effective. Stock your fridge and pantry with items that provide a nutritious punch and can be combined in a variety of ways so you don’t need to have the same thing twice in one week.

Here is a full week of healthy lunch-time inspiration:

Monday Green salad topped with half an avocado, sliced radish, sunflower seeds and feta cheese. Dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, a touch of whole grain mustard, salt and pepper.

Tuesday– Quinoa bowl topped with steamed broccoli, cherry tomatoes, toasted almonds, sliced onion and a handful of arugula. Dressing of olive oil, white wine vinegar, salt & pepper.

Wednesday– “Taco Salad” or greens topped with black beans, onions, bell peppers, and avocado. Dressing of one part canola oil, one part plain yogurt, squeeze of lime, minced garlic, sprinkle of cumin and paprika, salt and pepper.

Thursday– Garbanzo bean salad with cherry tomatoes, onion and feta cheese and a handful of spinach. Dressing of olive oil, apple cider vinegar, minced garlic, a sprinkle of cumin or curry powder.

Friday– Green salad with blackberries, walnuts, avocado and feta cheese. Dressed in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, a touch of mustard, salt and pepper.

These ideas are vegetarian, and provide you with protein from nuts, seeds, grains and beans. However, you could easily add shredded chicken, flaked fish (fresh or canned), a hard boiled egg or even steak if you’d like.

Your grocery list to get you through the week of homemade lunches? Here you go. But adjust it to your taste and come up with substitutions that work well for you!

The List

casas na areia

One hour south of Lisbon on the coast of Portugal lies the tiny town of Comporta, the perfect place to daydream of on a winter day. Featuring thatched roofs and simplistic design Casas Na Areia offers individual buildings with minimal furnishings and plenty of space for relaxation. The property is nestled on the banks of the Sado River and is home to wild life like flamingos, storks and dolphins. Seems like the ideal place to warm up and decompress…Casa Na Areia Casa Na AreiaCasa Na Areia Casa Na Areia Casa Na Areia Casa Na AreiaCasa Na Areia

book list no. 13

Everyone Brave is Forgiven Homegoing Moonglow

Unlucky list #13.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven/ Historical fiction of course set in World War II London. Need I say more? Author Chris Cleave also wrote Little Bee, which if you haven’t read is also a real winner.

Homegoing/ This is my favorite book of 2016. I cannot recommend it enough. Follow the familial lines of two half-sisters in Ghana, the book weaves its way through generations and years beginning in the 18th century.

Moonglow/ Written after sitting by his grandfathers bedside while he was in his final week of life, Micheal Chabon, unwraps his grandfathers narrative. Described as an “an autobiography wrapped in a novel disguised as a memoir,” this is at the top of my to read list.

cabin fever

It is as cold as it looks...

I understand the snow and bone chilling cold are par for the course in the tundra but I have officially gone stir crazy. After bugging everyone around me for entertainment, I figured I had better settle in and find a few ways to distract myself. Otherwise I will continue to whine about this subzero hellhole and it’s only January.

My current list of distractions:

Recipe test all the soups. Favorites so far: whatever you want soupchicken and dumplings, and a family staple roasted butternut squash and curry.

Delve into the black whole of online shopping for a little home refresh. Eyeing this bath mat, this statement lamp, and finally plotting with my dad as to how we could build this bed frame.

Dream trip plot with the latest NYT 52 Places to Go list.

Over listen to this playlist. Go see the movie, it’s a grown up High School Musical fans dream (or skip it if that sounds awful to you).

I am also tearing through books. I loved Homegoing, would skip Sweetbitter (not a fave) and just started reading Swing Time. Any other suggestions are welcome.

And finally podcast binging on Who? Weekly. Thank you Emmy.

winterizing: the footwear edition

Snow, sleet, ice, slush, Minnesota seems to be showcasing all the elements this winter. We had a rain/wind storm on Christmas day on top of a foot of snow, leading to very icy conditions. But alas, this the tundra, I know what I signed up for (still haven’t accepted it). The best way to get through winter is to stay warm and the battle starts with footwear. Here are a few tested solutions I swear by.

Chelsea Boot SneakersFor comfort The Chelsea Boot Sneaker // Gap
The Lonnie BootFor work The Lonnie Boot // MadewellBean BootsFor warmth Bean Boots + Gore-Tex and Thinsulate // L.L. BeanThe Birche Slipper

For home The Birche Slipper // Ugg

finn juhl’s home

Finn Juhl was a Danish architect, industrial/ interior designer, who is still most known for his furniture design. Part of and one of the most notable contributors to the Danish modern movement, Juhl’s designs are still being produced today and just about every creation of his would be on display in my dream home. This chair, this table, oh and this chair the list continues…

The home of the designer is pretty amazing to take a peek at as well. Juhl built his home in 1942 outside Copenhagen in Ordrup. He designed furniture to fit within the home and the projects goal both in regards to architecture and furniture was to read cohesively. The home is a flow of rooms instead of a segmented group of individual rooms. Juhl’s  motto “from the inside and out” can be seen in all aspects of the home.

Finn Juhl's Home Finn Juhl's Home Finn Juhl's Home Finn Juhl's HomeFinn Juhl's Home Finn Juhl's Home Finn Juhl's Home Finn Juhl's Home