the lynhall

This June Minneapolis welcomed a new face onto the dining scene, The Lynhall. The Lyndale Street establishment pairs a tasteful interior with a coffee bar, lunch/dinner menu, and an actual bar come happy hour time. The space also features a private dining area that is available for rent, an outdoor patio, and an incubator kitchen. A […]

meeting the butter queen

I spent a long Labor Day weekend at home in Minnesota filled with food, family, and of course the state fair! A few photos from the weekend are below… Afternoons were spent in the sunshine playing cornhole!  I ate for the first time at Wise Acre in Minneapolis, sidenote: it’s the only restaurant in the […]

minnesota round-up

I spent a very white Christmas at home in Minnesota and it was perfect. Filled with family, friends, food and down jackets. I forget however what winter feels like until I step off that plane and am hit with those indescribable sub-zero temperatures. Minnesotans are truly hardy stock (and I seem to have lost ALL […]

preparing for a winter wonderland

San Francisco has no snow. This is not new news. However it makes heading home for the holidays to Minnesota (a perfectly frigid snow globe this time of year) much-anticipated! Having not lived in the arctic for more than 8 years, I have lost my “Minnesota tough-ness”. Preparation for re-entry: Checking the weather…and packing as many […]